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Liberty & Entropy

by Dark Project

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Liberty & Entropy
an experimentation by
Dark Project

Dark Project would like to thank:

Arunava Chakrabarti for keeping the faith in us. Rohan for nailing the drums in such short duration. Abhishek for his constant encouragement. Digvijay for believing in us. Rahul for his diligence in recording the album. Bobby and Tanuj for their assistace during the overdubs. Bharat for his critical note monitoring. (Devesh) Mittal, Udai and Russell for tolerating Sauvik’s mixes. Chandan for the endeavors. Korak and Saikat for coming to the band’s rescue at the right time. Each one in our families, who supported us like a spinal cord. And above all a dedicated set of fans who have always inspired us. To the people who visited our website and left their marks, thank you for the continuous support.

Toast to our fans, whoever they are, wherever they are.

“The energy of the universe is constant. The entropy of the universe tends to a maximum.” - Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888)


released May 29, 2009

Sudipto Biswas - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars.
Ugyal Tshering Lama - Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica, Bass.
Sauvik Biswas - Guitars, Bass , Sequencing and Sampling.
Nachiketa Roy Chowdhury - Bass Guitar.

Additional Personnel :

Rohan - Drums.
Rahul Ranganath - Engineering.

All songs written by Dark Project.

Recorded between June 2008 to January 2009 at E209, JCB, IIT Kharagpur and Bobby’s Studio, Bangalore.

Mixed by Sauvik Biswas and Sudipto Biswas

Visual illustration and design by Sauvik Biswas. Additional illustrations of the “flying machines” by Leonardo da Vinci.



all rights reserved


Dark Project India

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Track Name: Everything That Begins
>> Everything that begins, hides it's end.
Everything that runs, has rules to obey.
Everything that talks, has a silence inherent.
Everything that lives, must perish and decay. <<
Track Name: Streak Of Coldness
It's a fragile moment, a weight of frail,
A depth of ocean hides the veil.
Strange you aren't a stranger now
My truth hurts but you disavow
It's an inner madness pulling under
Taking over thoughts of mine
Have this darkness hid inside
Can't you see the light?

Is this the child of madness?
Is this the way of life?
Is love the hate I'm feeling?
Sends a shiver down the spine.
Is reciprocation the only way love survives?
Is this a shock I'm sensing?
Sends a chill down the spine.
Set me free. (Streak of coldness down the spine.)
Let me fly. (Streak of coldness down the spine.)
Hold me now. (Streak of coldness down the spine.)
With these lies. (Streak of coldness down the spine.)

Torn between the heart and mind
One to choose and one to blame.
But if you would want me to I'll play this game, play this game.

It's a fragile moment floating over
Fragile thoughts of consciousness.
Never they want to send me free.
Truth may hurt but I disagree.
It's an inner sanctum pulling me inside
Nurturing my existence.
Walking the tunnel, it's so dark inside.
But can't you see that light?
Track Name: (An Ode To A) Silent Lover
Laid my head on the blades of green grass
Smell of unrest homeward bound
Trails that lay cold and forgotten
Perceive and smell, someone's around.
Guised in black hood, myself copied
Raises arm and the truth he narrates
"I am but a shade of your making,
Time shall tick and one shall stay"

How am I supposed to untangle
This riddle played in blacks and whites?
One me begs to turn my way around
Another points to a hell bound flight.
Inanimate body on the blades of green grass
Orchid smell conquers the rotten
Black hood me wins the battle
The other me is soon forgotten.

One truth stands godforsaken
An ode to a silent lover
One hood stays unmistakable
One gets burned, one uncovers.

I Seek not peace of mind
Nor counterfeited words of grief
Sorrow's not my godsend present
Another world shall wait for me.
Lives are just illusions my friend
The hooded you shall set you free
Terminate one painful event
"Death is a twin born with thee".
Track Name: Second Chance
Every day it goes on and on.
And dusk to dawn I feel overhauled.
Like a rail fixed on the tracks,
Everyday I trace them back.
As I try to face the battle
Catering my banal needs,
Existence is a formal question
Pending answers I must seek.

Now would you stop me?
I wanna find me running from the lie and reach the truth.

Need a second chance to find suspended bliss of mine.
Need a second life to seek where beauty hides no lies.

Once I want to stop the clock
Freeze the motion freeze the thoughts.
Alter bits and pieces of things I hated, things I lost.
As I try to make tomorrow,
Write the chances for myself.
Dream a world I want to live in
Paint a canvas void of gray.

And I will show you a world I made for myself.
A world I made for the both of us to be ourselves.
And I will carry all the burdens with a smile.
All these tiny shoulders can until the force breaks them.
Would you go?
Track Name: Fly
>>This is a routine procedure.
You will be hypnotised to feel happy. Feel happy. Feel happy...<<

Sometimes you work it out
Inside your mighty thoughts.
You are with the wings in the back
Floating in the seventh sky.

Hundreds of bridges crossed
Miles flown in a spark of thought.
Holy grave is destiny
You cry for it I fight for all.

Can you see it come over you
The light is calling you up, up to the moon.
Nebula's burning up in the sky
No wonder you think now what went right!

You made many promises
It took so long to contemplate.
This baggage is full of lies
Extrapolating as the time went by.

You sit and write your songs,
They are your dreams, your prayers to God.
Holy grave is destiny
You cry for it, I give it all.

(What went right?) I can see the light is calling.
(I wanna fly.) I can hear the cacophony.
(Is it right?) Earth bound human freedom.
(I will fly.) Yeah!

>>Wake up. Wake up. Wake up...<<
Track Name: Bent
I can see it come, straight without a bend-
I would face it over me, will not shake.
Compromise. I have learned to live.
The best in me is scared again.

And I will shake without breaking.
And I am momentarily caught in this misery.

Tuning fork making resonant noise
Its hitting my pride, someone's telling again.
(Like) radio waves, condolence spreads.
Its seeking a ear to hear the forbidden pain.

And I will shake without breaking.
And I am momentarily caught...

And now it pulls me near my death
Like I would be free.
Then the wind will blow you away
spread the smell of my soul.
So there is no complication-
No more bargain for peace.
You would try to seek but you'll find
Its not in me, its not in me.

Will shake without breaking.
And I am momentarily caught...
Track Name: Ignorance
I smell the domination,
Manufactured explanations.
Speeches and lectures sound like
Aggravated constitution.
Once more a declaration
For a civil infiltration.
You stretch it all beyond the coast.
Walk away from the things that matter most!

You are colorblind how do you paint it red?
You can't find the trail of this wasted shame.
You will call the beast,
You will bifurcate.
All our lives are caught in this ignorance.

We take the domination
Justify our desperation.
short word for queued up questions,
Proliferation extradition.
Puppets and corpses we are
Strings that bind our locomotion.
You buy us and we pay the cost.
Who's gonna pay for all that's lost?

A child's dreams are redrawn
Sculpted with the pseudo-vision.
And he grows up to be
One amongst the population.
A world eradicated,
Cleaned up all human emotion.
Were we promised of this day?
Is it the price we all have paid?
Track Name: One Song For Dystopia
Some place hidden underneath
A pile of empty open cans,
We find solace in the stars
Obscured by a darkened sky.
No ties to bind the animal.
No fence to mark a line of peace.
We live in dystopia-
No laws but rules do dictate.

We stepped on the Razor's Edge.
We fought with a broken firing gun.
Never gave another a chance.
Pulled the trigger, shot and ran.
Never fight a loser's war.
There's a vulture hiding the big Sun.
Hovers for someone to fall.
Pulled the trigger, shot and ran.

Some place hidden underneath
Pages, memories to turn.
Once real, now a ghost of dreams
A world so hypothetical.
No roads to sanitarium.
No place I would call my own.
Asphalt stuck on my both soles
Like rules we never get rid of.

We are frozen in a slice
Between glassy walls of time.
Lead that punches through the heart.
Makes way to break the broken glass.
Track Name: Paralipomena
I was born to wander free
Freedom gifted by design
Empty lies smell a hallmark of truth
Promised world is a filth divine.

Broken, I am left behind.
Was I meant to be a spare
There's a link that binds us together
Cut me loose if you don't care

And I wonder if our roads would meet again
And I wonder if you'd carry me all the way
And I wonder if there's no way back again
Would you mind if I... Would you mind if I stay.

Something overrules me
Tries to bind me in a chain
No matter how hard I try to be free
A link then rejoins again

And I wonder should our roads ever meet again
And I wonder if you'd then recognize me
And I wonder if I'll drown in my past again
Would you mind if I'm... Would you mind if I'm free.
Track Name: Liberty For Entropy
Rushed to make a mark before I'm dead
And left footprints on the river bed.
Overflowed and washed them all away.
And a voice inside me said I must cling on.
Not to lose my balance, not to stop, dream on.
And a voice inside me said, not to run out of breath.
I wish you would understand why I'm sinking in this sand.
I just want to be me.
If I wish to be free.
Liberty for Entropy.

Wish to be someone before I'm gone.
Leave a part of me as a song.
One last rhyme to wipe it all away.
This choked voice inside me says I must live on.
Not to lose myself, not to halt, dream on.
And a voice inside me said, not to run out of breath.
I wish you would understand why I'm sinking in this sand.
I just want to be me.
If I wish to be free.
Liberty for Entropy.